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Every year, Queen’s students fill the seats of the House of Commons eager to get an intensive look into our Canadian political system. Have you ever wondered what the QMP experience is like from a different seat in the House – the press gallery? If so, the Queen’s Model parliament Journalism program is for you.

The Journalism program is the perfect fit for any student who has a keen interest in taking on the roles of the press that interview, critique, examine and capture the events of the Canadian political landscape. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to flex your creative muscles in multiple ways, utilizing both print and innovative media to capture the essence of the conference. This year, we plan to implement blog, social media, and video content to create a truly immersive QMP experience for all involved.

During the year, you will have the chance to create your own content that reflects weekly QMP meetings. This includes interviewing fellow delegates, getting the inside scoop on each party’s platform, and investigating any behind the scenes action that other delegates may have missed! At the conference, you will get to report on all of the action in the House, whether it be the passing of a bill or the delivery of a fantastic  speech. You will also get an opportunity to witness the Speakers of the House – all prominent figures within the Canadian political landscape – taking the Speaker’s Throne and expounding their words of wisdom.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet notable journalists that have changed the landscape of Canadian media. Notable past guests have included John Ibbitson, Chief Political Writer for the Globe and Mail, and Evan Soloman, host of CBC’s Power and Politics. These distinguished guests will speak to Journalism delegates face-to-face, offering advice on succeeding in the world of 21st century media. Furthermore, students in the past have been offered the chance to explore Ottawa’s CBC studios, and witness a live taping (and some on-screen time!) of Solomon’s Power and Politics.

The only prerequisites to join the journalism program are a sense of curiosity and a passion for the world of media. By applying, you will receive the chance to bring a renowned conference into a new generation of Queen’s students and leave your own creative stamp on the QMP legacy.

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